07 January 2008

The Harvard Five

New Canaan gets a lot of attention for its modern houses, and the Harvard Five get a lot of attention for being New Canaan's big-name architects. Bill Earls, who wrote a book called "The Harvard Five in New Canaan," will be giving a talk on the subject on Thursday, January 10, 9:30 a.m. at Waveny, a big, unmodern house in a big park in New Canaan.

Supposedly it's open to the public but non-New Canaan residents sometimes get hassled by the cops when they try to go to Waveny. Details of the talk are here. Someone should pay more attention to non-Harvard Five architects in New Canaan, no?

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Anonymous said...

Tom and Gina:

Although it is called "The Harvard Five", that is more of a catchphrase: they designed only about half of the houses featured in the book. However, they also lived here in addition to designing houses here. That is probably why they were singled out in their time. Thanks for the coverage.
Bill Earsl