30 January 2008

a Modern home as oasis in the city

One of the signature qualities of Modern houses, and the thing I love most about well designed ones, is the consideration given by the architect to where and how the house sits on the land that best allows the resident to enjoy their surroundings. Expanses of glass bring the outdoors in and allow for passive solar heating; skylights brighten the interior with natural light and can create some pretty dramatic 'performance art' on the walls; glass that opens onto a low deck that is an integral part of the design offers close communication with the woods, the desert, the mountains . . .

But what about in the city? There is still sky and light to enjoy but not a lot of privacy and, although rooftops can be an awesome landscape to scan, street level can be ugly. I thought this was an ingenious solution to create space, light and privacy in a city home. It's kn House, by Kochi Architects Studio of Japan. (via the girl in the green dress) – GF

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