05 January 2008

Mountain PreFab

I have had the great good luck of having visited Switzerland more than 20 times, and am somewhat besotted with the architecture of the cantons that I know well, foremost being the Engadine area in the far eastern canton of Gräubunden. There, you see farmhouses a few hundred years old clustered in a hamlet, perhaps centered on a fountain from which livestock and their humans get good spring water. Many houses have decorated façades, the designs and illustrations - whimsical, familial, biblical, pagan - scraped into the wet, freshly whitewashed exterior walls, and often enhanced with color.

I found this today - no room for "sgrafitto" façade decoration here . . . It's all glass!

You can get a good look at this German company's offerings here: http://www.huf-haus.com/de/intro.html
– GF

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