23 January 2008

Watershed – a writer's studio

A writing studio, built by architect Erin Moore of FLOAT architectural research and design, for her mother, a philosophy professor and nature writer of some note, is described by FLOAT, in part, like this: The writing studio is designed to reveal the ecological complexity of the site to visitors and in this way it is successful: Small tunnels under the studio bring rare reptiles and amphibians into view through the floor-level window. The water collection basin that doubles as the front step draws in birds and deer. At midday, the silhouettes of these animals project from the water onto the interior ceiling. Windows on the west and north sides frame different bird habitats—the tops of fence row trees and the patch of sky at a hilltop updraft. The roof diaphragm amplifies rain sounds and the collection basin is a measure of past rainfall.

Read more about its other ecological attributes here, under "current research". It's called "watershed". via inhabitat – GF

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