03 February 2008

more Modern Alpine

Modern + Alpine = Heaven on earth for me . . . simple, fresh and elemental; warmth of inside welcoming the fresh wake-up of outside – reveling in both at the same time. I'd be here in a heartbeat. Moormannberge are apartments for rent in Aschau im Chiemgau, Germany. Reading the website, my very basic knowledge of German tells me that they are in Bavaria, a southern and incredibly beautiful part of the country, and that that the buildings seem to be a former factory for making furniture(?).

The buildings have been transformed into a maybe 13 or more Wohnungen - rental vacation apartments. The ones to the left above are more "hostel-like". And these, below, are more private and refined. ALL seem to be renovated and outfitted beautifully - I'd like to go right now! – GF

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Tamara said...

Nice. I'm a tropical island mama myself, but this just shows how well modern architecure can be situated in just about any climate or location.