28 April 2008

Move to Sarasota and Buy a Modern

I blogged like crazy about 18 months ago when Paul Rudolph's Micheels House in Westport, Connecticut, was razed by someone who preferred a McMansion. A reader in New Canaan who remembered that, and who lives in an interesting John Black Lee House, told me the other day that there's another Rudolph house on the market now, in Sarasota. The ad says you can be a hero by saving this masterpiece but it's not clear what the threat it. In any case, Florida is on my short list of places I'd probably never consider living, but I'd reconsider if I could live in this.

If you've been following even sporadically the efforts to build a modern, affordable prototype house in Philadelphia -- the 100K House -- you'll be interested in the first interior renderings, here.

Wondering what to do with an old barn? If it happens to be on Alex Haley's former farm in Tennessee, you let Maya Lin turn it into a library named after Langston Hughes, and you get something beautiful, here. -- ta

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Tamara said...

I recall reading a while back about Rudolph's Cerrito House in Watch Hill, RI. The owners wanted to tear it down to build a bigger house (surprise, surprise), when a couple offered to buy it and relocate it. The last I heard, the deal fell apart. Haven't been able to learn anymore about the fate of that home.

On a brighter note, Lin is brilliant.