12 June 2008

More Incremental Change in the Alice Ball House Controversy

Cristina Ross, the owner of the Alice Ball House (designed by Philip Johnson), was before New Canaan's environmental commission the other night, presenting her revised plans for the back section of her lot, behind the Ball house, where she wants to build a big house. The neighbors are unhappy because big houses are unheard of in New Canaan, where everyone lives in reasonably-sized, environmentally-pure houses and respects the property rights of their neighbors.

OK, maybe I'm exaggerating that last part. In any case, here's what one of the two local papers reported. And there's plenty of background about the Alice Ball House here.

For my part, I couldn't care less what Cristina Ross does on the back of her property, and I hope the town gives her plan the OK. That seems to be the only thing right now that will prevent her from exercising her right (her property right, although arguably not her moral right) to tear the house down.

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