04 June 2008

Ouch! Too much Concrete

Everywhere I look – albeit in my fairly limited areas of interest: modern, mountain, European, houses in amazing natural settings – I am seeing way too much hard, cold, boring concrete used in monstrous quantities. Sometimes I really like the design, but feel there just needs to be a break from the monolithic monotony with the introduction of another complementary material – wood, raw stone or stucco. Sometimes, even color works, as in the last 2 images here. – GF

Photos: 1 – Architect unknown, Sent, Switzerland. Photo by Gina; 2 –
Haus Presenhuber; 3 – Haus Steinegg, 4– Haus W in Frauenfeld; 5 – Baumgartner house; 6 – Einfamilienhaus S, Feldkirch

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