31 July 2008

There in a heartbeat

For more photos of this tiny house in the mountains by Bearth + Deplazes, go to their website and click on "Projeckte" and choose "Wohnhäuser". Then click on the 5th little square in from the left . . . Why is this so difficult?!

When the owners leave after a weekend stay, this little house closes up tight, like a little cube with a peaked roof. Sliding doors complete the two sides which, when the residents are there open to expose a lovely, sun-soaked but sheltered space. With quite a view. . . sigh. – GF
photo Ralph Feiner

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Skip Ploss said...

Looks very cool. It reminds me, in the seal it up when you leave concept anyway, of a barn in East Haddam Ct. I was painting a house up there right after High School (and no, I won't tell you how long ago that was)and I recall a barn which was left rustic-looking on the outside but completely redone as a weekend retreat on the inside. When the owners went back to New York for the week, they just slid the big doors closed and put an old rusty padlock on them and went home. It then looked like any other old barn.