22 September 2008

Happy 1st day of Autumn! But I’m not ready to close the doors yet. . .

Planhaus is an Austrian architecture firm which, according to my online translator, focuses “on the development of house types in system-building . . . in the area of the ecological low energy houses”. (I'm pretty sure 'system-building' means prefab.)

Next to their Haus kr35 is an outbuilding, or summer house, which does that total opening up thing I'm so crazy about these days.

Built in what looks to be a more suburban neighborhood is another summerhouse, more like a dining-house. I love the long built-in bench, but could do without the chandelier . . .

This city summer house sits atop a building in Vienna, and even has an outdoor shower.

Big windows, façades that completely open up, and interiors of light, clear, sweet-smelling larch wood give the rooms a cabin-like feeling, but none of the 'closeness' of a rustic cabin from which you might get a case of cabin fever. – GF

Photos seem to be by Wolf Leeb, Vienna.

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CHELO said...

Hola, me gusta mucho el diseño de la casa de las fotografias, si es vuestra casa, es muy bonita, me gusta la arquitectura y la decoracion, un abrazo.