08 September 2008

A House Tour in New Canaan

Can you imagine holding a tour of modern houses in New Canaan as a fundraiser, putting a notice about it on your organization's blog, giving an email address to write to for more information, and then not responding when someone (me) who might want to go and definitely wants to publicize it writes for more information? Four houses are on the tours, and all I wanted to know was which four houses.

The New Canaan League of Women Voters blogged about it here, but I wrote to this address, pdannema@optonline.net, on Friday morning to ask which houses are on the tour and have gotten no response. Maybe I should have piced up the phone and called.

If anyone else has information, let me know.

I wonder, by the way, if the New Canaan Historical Society, which has organized three bg Modern House Days and symposiums in the last seven years feels a bit put-out and proprietary about all this. -- ta

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Tamara said...

I say the more, the merrier. I'm delighted that the LoWV has decided to do their own modern house tour.

Nevertheless, I'm baffled by their non-response to your e-mail. It doesn't seem very professional to publicize contact info for an event, and then not respond promptly to requests for info for said event.

Keep us posted!