16 September 2008

more of that inside / outside thing

I saw this little courtyard today at Trendir and Design Milk. A tiny bit of a thing, it serves to open up the whole living area by joining 2 "public" areas of the house by way of floor to ceiling sliding glass.

How beautiful it would be in winter to look out from the living room through a cool, blue, snowy pocket back into the warm glow of the dining area. But in the warm weather, I wonder if they suffer the occasional wildlife visitors like we do: birds fly in and poop all over, chipmunks and squirrels find their way in (mostly by way of a cat's jaws), and this year our under-deck tenant made his first indoor appearance.

The courtyard of the Szirtes House, created by Chenchow Little Architects in Australia, reminded me of this post from a while back. – GF

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