09 October 2008

Shiny, shiny new



Read about the amazing, 90% energy self-sufficient new Monte Rosa hiker's hut at Inhabitat. The hut is one run by the Swiss Alpine Club which has accommodations of varying degrees of rusticity all along the country's extensive network of hiking trails.

Here's a website (in German or French only) devoted to the the project. The project was overseen by Andrea Deplazes, in his capacity of professor of architecture at Z├╝rich's ETH (Institute of Technology), and partner of one of my fave architecture firms, Bearth + Deplazes.

Where are my hiking boots?! – GF

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Tom said...

Subtext: Gina has a milestone birthday coming up in '09 and is angling for a hiking trip to the Alps, followed or preceded by an eating trip to Italy. I'm hoarding my vacation days. FYI.