09 April 2009

Working on New Canaan's Modern House Day

Logo for the Modern House Day Tour and Symposium in New Canaan, CT

We're working like mad on preparations for the New Canaan Historical Society's Modern House Day, on May 2.

Yesterday and today I wrote short biographies of the architects (Breuer, Alan Goldberg, John Johansen, Taylor Gates, Toshiko Mori, Mark Markiewicz, and Victor Christ-Janer) and short descriptions of the five houses, and started work on longer descriptions for a separate pamphlet that will talk about how each of the houses was changed and adapted over the years to the changing needs of the various owners.

I think we've written, in one form or another, about each of the houses, although the only one I've been in is Alan Goldberg's (I nosed around outside the Breuer 2 house about 3 1/2 years ago, when it was unoccupied and before the current owners moved it, but I haven't been inside). Gina, on the other hand, has been in the Goldberg house and Johansen's Bridge House (and wrote about the Bridge House here).

Gina now will start to design the ticket (which really serves as the informational brochure for the event) and the pamphlet.

There's more information about the tour here and here.

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