13 May 2009

"Where were you when we needed you, DoCoMoMo?"

We can always count on Metropolis senior editor, Kristi Cameron, to be on the New Canaan Historical Society's Modern Day House tour. Here is a link to what she wrote about it this year which features an issue brought up by the first speaker of the day, Toshiko Mori. The accompanying slide show sums up the day very nicely. – GF


westsoundmodern said...

Great looking tour. Wish I could have seen them all but I'm out on the left coast.
I am familiar with DoCoMoMo out here and as a real estate agent specializing in modernism have worked hand in hand with them on modern tours in this neck of the woods. Although they mostly do great work they can be a little puritanical at times regarding the realities that that the owners of some of these historical homes face.
Love your blog! Wish you posted more often.

Tom Andersen + Gina Federico said...

Thanks! We wish we posted more often too! -- ta