04 May 2009

Who Was on My MHD Bus?

I managed to take the Modern House Day tour on Saturday for free by volunteering as a bus docent. The organizers gave me a list of the 19 people on my bus -- 19 including myself and Lazlo Papp, who was our "bus architect" -- and I dutifully checked off everyone as they got on for the first time. After that I chatted with everyone and counted heads as they got back on the bus after each house, but I almost immediately forgot which name went with which face.

Which is a bummer because there were some interesting people -- an architect from Rye, for example, who lives in a Ulrich Franzen house (which Gina and I visited during a modern house tour in 2003 or 2004); two guys who live in a Breuer house in Litchfield County; two other guys who live in a modern house (I think) near Usonia, in Armonk; among others.

If you read this and if you were on my bus, send me an email or better yet, use the comments section to tell us what you thought about Saturday. -- ta

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hello Tom!
It's Margie & David from your bus...we live in the
Franzen House in Rye!
The Tour was fantastic...
All Best,
Margie & David
PS- please keep us updated on anything Mid Century Modern