22 July 2009

Better hope it's a BIG check in the mail

Well designed window and door hardware, mailboxes – everyday items that execute their purpose with elegance and perfect functionality delight me, perhaps to a slightly excessive degree. . . This handsome mailbox caught my eye in the daily sale email I get from Design Within Reach.

A wall-mounted mail box: original price – $900, on sale for $450. What is with DWR? Great looking stuff, much of it, but I resent them billing themselves as affordable or within reach of anyone but wealthy design snobs.

I've always observed that every house in (yeah, you-know-where) Switzerland has either a cluster or single mailbox that is sophisticated and low profile, and virtually impossible to vandalize with a baseball bat (not that I've tried. honest.). Residents, I'm pretty sure, are NOT spending $900 OR $450 on their briefkasten! – GF

from top: DWR Line One mailbox, Blomus Signo letterbox, typical bank of Swiss briefkasten, antique built-in mailbox in Switzerland, terrific-looking stand-alone letterbox, our kids and mailboxes in front of the apartment we rent, typical rural or suburban American "expressionist" mail boxes

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