08 July 2009

I Feel Bad Complaining About Something that is Otherwise So Good But...

I love the New Canaan modern house inventory. The house descriptions are interesting. The information about who owned each house and when they owned it contains little nuggets of social history. The chronology and photos are useful.

But I have one small complaint and one bigger one.

The small one is this: The site would be easier to use if you could click through the houses in succession instead of having to click back to the main page each time you've finished reading about a house. A "previous/next" button would do it.

The bigger problem for me is this: It is hard to read. The type is too small and the contrast between type color and background color is too weak for my middle-aged eyes. Bigger might help, but a little darker might do it too (Gina will know for sure, but I think we're using the same type size on this blog, but it's darker and, to me, easier to read). Thanks. -- ta


Mark said...

I, too, like the site, but I wish you could click to the houses designed by the architect from architect's page.

Skip said...

Here here on both counts. But what a wonderful bit of work.