06 July 2009

New Canaan's First Modern House

I was under the impression that the house we live in, in Pound Ridge (which is next to New Canaan and which is nowhere near as well known as New Canaan is for modern houses, although there are dozens here), was built before any of New Canaan's modern houses.

But I was wrong. Sherwood Mills designed and built a house for his family in New Canaan in 1939, the same year as our house was designed and built, by John C.B. Moore (the Mills House is on the left, below). That's one of the things I learned while clicking through the new inventory of modern houses in New Canaan that went online last week.

Coincidentally, Moore lived in New Canaan for a number of years, although he doesn't seem to have designed any houses there. Moore's firm (Moore and Hutchins) did however design an addition to the New Canaan library and when I mentioned that to Mills's son when I had occasion to call him on the phone a few years ago, he knew of Moore and Hutchins and told me that he himself had also designed an addition to the New Canaan library. -- ta

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