03 August 2009

Portugal dreaming

If only I could blink my eyes and make a wish, I would spend a summer month here. I keep coming back to Dezeen to look at the photos by Leonardo Finotti that transport me to the hot little streets and cool interiors of a Mediterranean country I've never been to but feel like I know.

I like the way CoolBoom introduced it: "Bak Gordon Arquitectos designed the house in a silent way using soft colors that talk about privacy and tranquility." – GF

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Mezzodrama said...

Hi Gina, I understand wanting to visit after pouring over photos. I felt the same way about Palm Springs. If you have a chance to visit, you must stay at the Orbit In. I'm writing from the Eames room and will be doing a walking tour of Modern houses. After reading your post, Portugal is on my list.

Thanks again for the great tour in CT.

Susan Gates