27 September 2009

Caught my eye: Use of materials

The use of the same material for the roof as for the siding in each of the structures in this small collection was something I hadn't really thought about before, but now that I've seen a few examples, it has sunk in that I like the way the consistent texture and color behaves on the landscape – somehow understated and more integrated into the surroundings. Plus, it gives me the chance to post one of my all-time favorite houses by Wespi De Meuron . . . Maddeningly, I can't find the photo of the house that instigated this investigation, but  I'll add it when it shows up.

Top: prefab cedar home by Hudson Architects; the Manuel house by Alberto Gonzalez; The 1970 Perlbinder house by Norman Jaffe seen on RoLu
Bottom: Wespi De Meuron houses in Scaiano and Brione, Ticino, Switzerland

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