30 September 2009

Life in the Suburbs and the Desert

What can you get for $1.8 million in suburban Connecticut? This house, which is in Weston and which Frank Lloyd Wright disciple Alan Gelbin designed for himself (two Gelbin-designed houses have been on recent New Canaan Modern House Day tours; although the Gelbin and Wright styles are not my cup of tea, one of the houses seemed to have retained its architectural integrity and was worth seeing, while the other did not and, in my opinion, was not).

What can you get for $1.3 million in the California desert? This mid-century modern, in Palm Springs, built for the fellow who both founded the Lear Jet Corporation and invented the 8-track tape (I think I once listened to the Byrds’ Lear Jet Song on a 8-track). No idea who the architect is. -- ta

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