15 October 2009

A Modern Giant

Because we live in the wealthy suburbs, not far from the big retro buildings where sports guys play, lots of sports guys live near us, or roughly near us. Mariano Rivera, for example, and Joe Torre. Dave Checketts, who used to run the Knicks and Madison Square Garden, and who I now hold in low esteem because of his attempt to buy a football team with Limbaugh, lives up the road, in New Canaan. Tom Seaver used to live in Greenwich. But of course they all lived in fake colonial mansions, or McMansions, I'm sure (I'm guessing here, of course, but it makes sense.

That's why I loved it when I was clicking through the blogs on our blogroll, which I hadn't done in months, and found this post from the MidCentury Architecture blog about the modern house in San Francisco that Willie Mays lived in. Check out the furniture though! There's no word of course about where Willie lived when the Giants were in New York in the 1950s or after he got traded to the Mets in the early '70s.

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