12 October 2009

Modern in Pound Ridge

Our friends and neighbors, Sue Haft and Eric Moss, invited us a few months ago to see a house for which they had done interior renovations on a cul-de-sac in Pound Ridge. Eric said it was probably going to go on the market soon, and he said he though the architect was John Johansen, although we're pretty sure it's not a Johansen house.

Nevertheless it was worth seeing and, indeed, it's now on the market, for $2.1 million. The pictures on the real estate listing are better than these two, which I took.

Sue and Eric, by the way, live in a modern house designed by Moore & Hutchins, the same firm that designed our house. Moore did our house for a friend of his named Bertram Willcox, and then did Sue and Eric's for himself. - ta

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