06 November 2009

A cozy little place for lofty ideas

Of course I noted the opening of Google’s EMEA Engineering Hub in Zurich last year, and was even a little disappointed by the photos I saw that seemed like the same fun and games (literally) were included to help liberate employees' creative juices with outlets like game rooms and firemen's poles and slides to get from one floor the next lower. . .

I didn't see these photos until today, was heartened to see that the Swiss agency who did the architecture and design, Camenzind Evolution, used old Swiss gondola cars for cozy little conference rooms. Those gondolas had probably already witnessed many creative discussions in their prior lives hauling people and their equipment up the mountains to ski – it's the perfect place for a private tête-a-tête, and to share a chocolate bar (right, TA?). – GF

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TA said...

Yes. And since I'm the only one who is not a good enough skier to ski all the way down to town at the end of the day, and therefore I'm often in the gondola alone, it's a good place to catch a catnap.