15 January 2010

Like being in 2 perfect places at once

This may not be the absolute best execution of a fabulous idea, but I'd happily accept it! Combining two of the best things you can do after skiing or otherwise experiencing a winter's day: a hot soak in the bath, and sitting by the fire. Brilliant!

Also in the same house is more stacked-firewood-as-interior-design-element, harking back to this earlier post. Seen in the current Côté Est Dec. '09 – Mar. '10 issue (story: Le design atteint des sommets) – GF


Kurt Donath said...

I like the look of stacked wood, but do you know how messy split wood is? We heat part of our house on wood and I can say that the corner we keep the wood inside to the stove is very messy!

Gina Federico said...

It sure is messy – but I'll bet, that since this wood's primary use is decorative, the bark has been stripped, making it far less messy. I would also bet it's only used for kindling, and infrequently at that!