05 February 2010

A brick of another color makes all the difference

I am not a fan of bricks at all, mostly – I think – because they're so, well . . . RED! Red with the white mortar? Nah, not for me. I am sure you could point me to dozens of examples of architectural innovation using bricks, and I would agree that the design might be terrific, but if it's traditional old red bricks, I might give it a nix.

This house in downtown Philadelphia, designed by Qb is clad with gray bricks that look like gunmetal, and I'm crazy about how the material looks. Slightly textured by the individual bricks, it's earthier than metal cladding – and no visible mortar! I really like the roof terrace and parapet. Altogether, a really nice small city house. – GF
(via Contemporist)

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