02 February 2010

Turn me on . . . and off . . . and on again!

I have a serious problem with light switches: the virtually unchanged dopey design (with the exception of less frequently used rocker-types), their generally poorly considered placement, imposed building code requirements . . . all combine to make their awkward presence scream out when I walk into some spaces.

However, if presented with these sensuous, sculptural, tactilely attractive switchplates, I think I'd indulge in the typical 2-year-old's favorite activity of delightedly switching the lights on and off and on and off and on and off.

The Silicon Switches are designed by Ross McBride's Tokyo studio, Normal. McBride, originally trained as a graphic designer, moved to Japan in 1985, and in the late '90s became interested in product and furniture design. Unfortunately, for now at least, Silicon Switches are only available in Japan through Max Ray Co., Ltd. – GF

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