19 April 2010

A Modhen House . . .

Seen on The Coolist: Amazing Hen House by Frederik Roije ". . . truly an architectural wonder of the fowl world. It is a tiered, stilted and complex home for hens, a design so progressive that we wouldn’t mind the life of a hen if this was our resting place. While the hens themselves may not understand the beauty of this modern abode, sometimes the appreciation is more about the owner than the occupant."

Some of the comments on this post over at The Coolist point out that it doesn't appear to be particularly poultry-friendly – chickens need warmth in winter (the boxes have so many exposed sides), ventilation (I can't see any openings from these photos – wait – there's one grid on top of one of the 'rooms', it seems), and a clean home (rather too many levels and small rooms to have to muck-out). But, what can you tell from photos? Maybe those considerations have been taken care of and tested out. What you can tell is that it looks like a pretty nifty get-away at a very small scale. – GF
(orig. via mocoloco)

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