18 July 2010

A perfect Summer house

Blending in with the smooth grey rocks of the Finnish shoreline, Villa Mecklin by Huttunen-Lipasti-Pakkanen Architects has its priorities straight: a huge, open deck to lie on and watch the stars by night and which draws in an expansive sea view by day, and a sauna building with guest cottage attached – what on Earth more does one need? I guess the lovely-looking and (I imagine) sweet-smelling wood interiors and the disappearing fire pit rate pretty high.

When I saw the rather contrived, exaggerated profile, I almost clicked right by, but then I saw that the odd, huge, angular shape had a very real purpose I was totally won over – while letting in the view, the tapering walls provide bit of shelter from the wind and holds one in just enough to feel 'safe' in such an exposed environment. The design simply and beautifully addresses things that are, at least to me, exactly what one's physical and spiritual comfort might require on vacation – no more no less. Just right. – GF

via Modern Residential Design

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