12 December 2010

The Orgasmatron is Really an Elevator

The house that Woody Allen used as a futuristic setting in Sleeper -- the one that featured the Orgasmatron -- is the subject of some controversy, and is about to be sold.

It's known as the Sculptured House. Designed in the early 1960s by architect Charles Deaton, it is perched on a mountaintop in Golden, Colorado.

In the movie, Woody's character, Miles Monroe, thought he was walking into a closet and ended up getting lucky. In real life, the Orgasmatron, though, is an elevator. We saw it this morning in the Times, here.

-- ta


Scott said...

Wonderful and Whimsical Design. I love it. Great blog :-)

Gina Federico said...

Thank you so much for your nice words, Scott! Things like that help fuel my enthusiasm to find things to write about, which, as is obvious, has been flagging lately. Will try to do better...!