27 January 2011

Pretty points of light for a Modern house

I love candles at the dinner table all year round and usually burn through 3 or 4 100-piece bags of votive size candles from Ikea, as those are the ones that fit my old iittala glass holders.

 After Christmas, while hunting for post-holiday bargains, these 1/8" thin, elegant candles in their minimalist holders caught my eye. They are unscented and made of palm wax (a renewable plant material) by Austrian Atelier, which offers them in different shapes, all 1/8" thick, to fit in the universal holders. They even make them with custom designs, like logos or typography, to use as promotions or special gifts. By far, my favorite shape is the slender 1.25" straight candle. The dark grey/black is terrific.

And, seen on Below the Clouds, Canadian designer Francis Cayouette has designed this hansome series of cast iron candlesticks and holders for Danish Normann-Copenhagen. –GF

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