16 March 2012

From a polemic past, bright Modern apartments now emerge

Despite their difficult history, WWII and Cold War bunkers in some German cities are becoming desirable real estate for apartment living and working. Read this story via Reuters in the National Post.

I love to see the concept of adaptive reuse realized and hope to see more and more of it. And, although there is some controversy over converting these bunkers, I think it is a much better way to honor the prisoners who toiled and died in their construction than tearing them down or maintaining them as depressing memorials requiring expensive upkeep.

There are some 2000 bunkers remaining in Germany, and many are in the centers of cities, making them perfect for conversion to living, gallery and work spaces.

If you read German, here is more information on the architect who first seized on the idea and opportunity with his own living space conversion. – GF

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