22 April 2012

Noyes home Calder mobiles to find a new place to hang

This mobile by Alexander Calder [Untitled, 1957. Hanging mobile painted sheet metal and wire. 32 x118 x 84 in.] is estimated to fetch $3,000,000- 4,000,000 in a May 8th auction.

This one, and another lovely, all-white one called 'Snow Furry', were commissioned by Eliot Noyes for his home in New Canaan, CT.

Go here to learn the story behind these works and about the relationship between Noyes and Calder, who "shared fundamental beliefs about art, design and modern living. Together, they exemplified a desire to integrate art and architecture completely, forging an experience that enthralled and excited visitors. They re-wrote the accepted rules of their respective trades, setting off reverberations that can still be felt today."

I love how Fred Noyes, Eliot's son,  recalls the part these pieces played in the home he grew up in – very much alive entities, not objects to be looked at and not touched.

Via ArtDaily.org. Here and here are the listing at Christie's. – GF

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