18 May 2012

Bee Modern

I've written, or wanted to write, about modern 'houses' and accoutrements for our domestic animal friends – cats, dogs, fish, chickens and goats. Now it's time to expand the list to include the wonderful insects that make life on Earth possible: bees. Beekeeping is becoming increasingly popular, so naturally, traditional hive design has been rethought, and among the results are these nice-looking hives from BuBees.

The hives are constructed almost entirely from salvaged wood. I am so impressed that Steve Steere, who started BuBees last year, was moved to create hives in an effort to help relieve the devastating effects of Colony Collapse Disorder, which has been blamed for a 30% annual reduction in honeybee populations, saying, “I felt it was very important to have as many people keeping bees in as many different areas as possible”. I would like to be one of those people! Read more here. – GF

Photo link info: Dog houseGoat milking shed

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