02 October 2012

Lithe and lovely-sounding glass structure proposed in New Canaan

I had no idea such an entity existed right here in New Canaan, nor that it owned the horse farm that I've known my whole life, on the corner of Smith Ridge Rd. and Puddin Hill, but Grace Church has commissioned what looks to be a rather interesting building on that property.

This is the first project in the U.S. for the Japanese architectural firm, SANAA. The steel, glass, concrete and wood structure, dubbed "The River", meanders through about an acre of the 75-acre property, which was formerly approved for a 10-lot subdivision, and is projected to cost around 50 to 60 million dollars.  See more information on the architects and their vision for this structure here, and read the press release that describes the building.

There are many large paddocks and traditional style horse barns on the property, now called Grace Farms, and while the land will be conserved in perpetuity as open space, "The River" will include a sanctuary where services will be held, a library, areas for children, a gymnasium, dining room, and meeting space, and will be "a spiritual and community center for the benefit of New Canaan, the greater community and Grace Church".

I must say, I think it's fantastic that included on the Grace Farms Project Team are a Meadow Consultant and a Conservation Planning & Herpetologist, who happens to be an old acquaintance of ours, Dr. Michael Klemens.

The project is in review by New Canaan's Planning and Zoning. I will keep an eye on this exciting-looking new 'Glass House' of New Canaan! – GF

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