08 October 2013

Gem of a little house sits lightly on its landscape

Reminiscent of Philip Johnson's Glass House, this guest house by Desai/Chia Architecture is a lovely gem. Modern principals expressed in totally up-to-the minute terms, including incorporating good energy practices like geothermal, rain water harvesting and photovoltaic.
What reminds me of the Glass House is the 'solid' core, which in P.G's home's case was just the bathroom, but here it houses the (probably considerable) mechanicals as well as the bath, so the surrounding perimeter is free to expose itself to the landscape. With no headers above the glass walls, this ceiling really does appear to float. The wood interior looks to be perfectly crafted – floor to ceiling.

Crisp and streamlined, yet warm, inviting and extremely livable. I'd love to be there the morning after a good snowstorm. via Pursuitist – GF

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