25 June 2009

From a totally personal point of view . . .

Can it get any better than this? I love modernism, and I love (the idea of) keeping chickens. Add one to the other and you get this:

"The minimalist pavilion was built in 2001. It may be the only art gallery in the world where one can see orchids growing in a room cantilevered over the main art gallery."

"The Eycks' gallery, Hedge House, shows the work of modern artists, like Erik Andriesse. A glass-walled chicken coop, with access to an outdoor run, is at one end."

Noted in today's New York Times story, "Harmonizing Art and Nature" about Jo and Marlies Eyck, owners of Wijlre Castle, a 17th-century Dutch castle near Maastricht in the Netherlands. – GF

Photos: Herman Wouters for The New York Times

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