09 July 2009

Island Modern

Some time in the past 10 years or so, my friend and client from New Canaan CT, Donna Gorman started visiting Vieques, the island off Puerto Rico where the U.S. Navy used to play with their missiles and stuff. First, she brought home a funny-looking stray dog, and then another (even funnier-looking), from a subsequent visit. Finally, she brought home the title to a piece of property that she and her husband, Roger Johansson, would build a vacation house on.

A surface / textile designer by trade, Donna does nothing without terrific style, and their house is yet another embodiment of her vision: playful and bright, yet serene. Simple and practical, but with a sparkle. Modern, always, and – wow! – the house is fully solar-powered.

The house is featured in Metropolitan Home magazine's July / August 2009 issue. (Hey – that's Donna on the cover!) John Hix was the architect; you can see more of his work here.

Welcome Home, Donna, it's just beautiful! – GF

Photographer: Peter Murdock

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