06 June 2008

John Johansen's Classic Bridge House In New Canaan Is On the Market for $5 Million

John Johansen's Bridge House, one of New Canaan's truly classic mid-century modern houses, is on the market for $5 million. 

Johansen, of course, was one of the Harvard Five -- in fact he's the only one still alive (Philip Johnson, Eliot Noyes, Landis Gores and Marcel Breuer were the others).

The house, which is on Louise's Lane, a tiny dead-end road near the Pound Ridge border, is called the Bridge House because it spans the Rippowam River, a small stream the eventually drains into Long Island Sound. The Bridge House was built in 1956 and is still owned by the person who commissioned it.

There's surprisingly little about the Bridge House online, and I'll have to go to the library to refer to Bill Earls' Harvard Five book or Christian Bjone's First House book for more, but here's what the real estate listing (by Gillian DePalo, of the William Raveis agency) says:

The Bridge House ... is the culmination of a great modern architectural genius .... The house has expansive walls of glass & gorgeous sunlite rooms; both dramatic and intimate interior spaces, including the gold leaf barrel LR ceiling, the Star, Champagne, Egg and Hourglass Pavilions, and many signature designs executed personally by the architect...

It hasn't been shown on either of the Modern House Day tours I've participated in, and I'm fairly certain it wasn't on the 2001 tour that Gina worked on but I didn't. Johansen spoke at the 2004 and 2007 symposiums that preceded the tours and showed slides of it both times, so he's clearly proud of it. I wrote a long post about the tour and symposium and included much of what Johansen talked about, for my other blog; you can read it here

Johansen, by the way, is 91 and lives in Dutchess County, New York, with his wife, Ati, who is Walter Gropius's daughter. -- ta


Tamara said...

Wow. Okay, time to start playing Powerball.

Ikura Soup said...

Wow, what a beautiful spot. I've seen it from the road on one of my modern house hunting expeditions. It's in a great part of town on a quiet road. At least it's priced high enough that it won't be a tear down although with wetlands regs the way they are now I am not sure that you could tear it down and build something else.

Anyone know who did the garage?

Christen said...

It is a beautiful house. I remember walking through with my father, John M., it when it was under construction.

Christen Johansen

Chris said...

LOVE that Mr.Johansen married Walter Gropius' daughter. And Chris Morris did the very sculptural 2-story garage/guest-house.

Katherine said...

I went on the Modern House Tour this past weekend and got to see this house. Such a striking thing to stand in the living room and watch little river beneath. I can only imagine how it must look in the winter. Johansen was there as was the new owner who has just closed on the house. I wonder what it sold for? Hmmmmm