06 June 2008

OK – just indulge me

It's summer – finally! – and we're drawn outdoors until dark has fallen, and then some. I have always, always wanted a summer house or tree house – a place to be separate from the cacophony and clutter of the full-time house. When I was little, I finished many a good book high up in the cradling branches of a huge white pine. I rigged up a basket on a rope looped over a cup-hook screwed into the soft flesh of the pine so I could hoist up my supplies: a loaf of raisin bread, my book of the moment, who knows what else. Sun going down. Pine needles outlined in orange sunset colors. The smell of the pitch from the buds on the branches and all over my hands . . .

baumraum (yes: tree-room in German) is a company that builds beautiful, comfortable, safe, and spacious places to clamber up to and even spend the night – which is something I could never do in my precarious little aerie. – GF

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Tamara said...

I want one of those!