08 January 2009

If you should be passing through . . .

I wasn't aware that this was a permanent exhibition at the New Canaan Historical Society until just now when I was researching something I intend posting about soon (it's kind of exciting news, so stay tuned). Celebrating New Canaan's Modern Architects 1953 – 1983 is on the second floor of the main building in the collection of historic houses and out buildings that make up the Historical Society.

The exhibition ". . . gives an overview of thirty years of work by New Canaan architects. Most of the works selected for this exhibit are located out of New Canaan, for as their fame spread, commissions took the architects far and wide, and their styles developed in a variety of architectural expressions. Included among the works in the exhibit - mounted on the second floor - are personal interpretations and rethinkings of the International Style, restorations, eclecticisms, and post-modern allusions to our past."

The Historical Society is a short walk up from the MetroNorth train station, and about an hour and 10 minutes from NYC. – GF

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