05 January 2009

Shell house

Normally, I don't like curvy walls in architecture – seems like an indulgent waste of space, or something . . . but the Shell house by ARTitechnic Architects of Japan has so much going for it that I've made an exception. I'd love to see what the spaces really feel like – cave-like? Snug? It looks like a house cats would love to curl up in.

It was seen on Dezeen, and they've included lots of photos with explanation from the architects, so check it out there. – GF

Photographs by Nacasa & Partners Inc.

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becky said...

A professor at my school, W.G. Clark, used to rail on people whenever they used curved lines b/c he know how impractical the construction would be. This does look so cozy though. It also looks like a skateboarder's dream.