11 February 2009

Alternative to teardown: a move by barge

The New York Times has a story in today's paper about the Robert Venturi-designed Lieb house in Barnegat Light, NJ. The house was lifted from its pilings and is now sitting in a parking lot in New Jersey where it awaits the green light to move it by barge up the Atlantic coast, under the Brooklyn Bridge, into Long Island Sound and then into the harbor at Glen Cove, Long Island. A couple there, who sound like excited adoptive parents waiting to receive their new baby, will use the house as a guest house. Here's Tammy La Gorce's story, and Inga Saffron wrote about it last month in the Philadelphia Inquirer. Wish them smooth sailing! – GF


Bryan said...

From what I can determine, the new owners live on Westland Drive, on Morgan's Island. That'll be some project getting the barge close enough to shore and then getting the house up the beach. They could certainly off load it in Glen Cove harbor, but there's only one small bridge to Morgan's Island.

gate valves said...

looks kinda weird but i love it. modern houses really fascinates me,