02 March 2009

Swiss Buildings and Bridges, Old, Traditional and Modern

The train we take to Zurich on our way home from our February idyll in the Alps passes some terrific old and typically Alpine villages and buildings, and even though we've made the journey each year since 2005, we can't not take more photos.

The train is never very crowded and the big, clean windows open.

The stations are small and the train stops on demand -- like being on a city bus, you have to ring a bell to get it to stop for you. In the third picture here you can see an ancient fort or castle atop the hill.

The fourth shot is of a typical station and then we snapped a picture of the town as we were leaving the station. Klosters is a well-known winter sports destination -- every time we pass through it seems to be snowing, as it was this year.

But in Klosters you suddenly come upon the beautifullt modern Sunniberg Bridge.

We've written before about the juxtaposition of the ancient and modern in Switzerland, and this is a terrific example, particularly because when viewed from the train it comes as such a surprise. - ta

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annkent said...

I took this journey ten years ago. Thank you for the memories.