04 November 2009

Pit stop

This public restroom, designed by Todd Saunders and Tommie Wilhelmsen, is just off the highway Aurlandsfjellet, or “snow road”, at Stegastein, in Western Norway. Windows in each unit frame a view of the Aurlandsfjord. So very handsome, it looks like a destination in and of itself. Although this project made the rounds in the architecture/design blogs quite some time ago, I rediscovered it in this little collection from Travel + Leisure magazine: World's Greatest Public Bathrooms. By the way, if you'll be traveling and want to be prepared for the inevitable (especially with children), here's an international site on where to sit, with reviews of each facility. – GF


credit said...

That is in a great area in Norway ... there's a beautiful fjord right there,as can be seen in the last picture. They have also recently put in a new lookout over the fjord, where you can walk out and have a perfect view of the lake and mountains.

Tom Andersen + Gina Federico said...

Thanks for that information -- we've never been there ourselves (we're not sure if what you're saying is accurate or if you were just trying to sneak an ad into the comments, but thanks anyway).