04 November 2009

Station Transformation

We were contacted several months ago by a woman in Sweden who likes to collect Mid-Century gas stations, and had found one she thought was designed by Eliot Noyes. She wanted to know if we could confirm her hunch. Apparently, others have a similar attraction to the functional, familiarly iconic, neglected structures. From The New York Times on-line column, "Great Homes and Destinations" comes this story with lots of photo.
Juerg Judin, an art dealer and collector, spent three years renovating this former mid-century gas station in the Sch̦neberg district in Berlin. Mr. Judin bought the station Рunoccupied since 1986 Рfor 500,000 euros ($740,000) in 2005. Over the next three years, he restored the existing building, erected a new wing and created an idyllic outdoor garden.

The gas station, designed in 1953, was built in 1956, and Mr. Judin, 47, claims he's never sat behind a steering wheel. He said, "I'm probably the only owner of a gas station who can't drive." – GF

(Thanks, Nancy!)
Photos: Andreas Meichsner for The New York Times

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